Longitudinal Veneer Splicing Machine

Longitudinal Veneer Splicing Machine

SKU: SVS-1250


*Designed to splice high end veneers. It enables users to accurately and firmly bond the veneer edges with no visible joint line  

  * As opposed to the traditional splicing machine equipped with stitching threads or taping papers, this machine applies specially designed heating and pressing mechanisms eliminating visible joint lines on the surface of wood piece and resulting in a perfect seamless joint from one single pass.



Veneer length
350 mm - 3000 mm
Veneer width
50 mm - 1240 mm
Veneer thickness
0.35 - 2.5 mm
Veneer moisture rate
8 -12%
Feed speed
Max 40 m/min
Total horsepower
4.6 kw
Heating temperature
140。C - 200。C
Heating length
1210 mm
Air pressure required
5 kg/cm²
Machine size (LxWxH)
Net weight
1340 kgs


Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.