02A) Slat Making Machine

02A) Slat Making Machine

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  Round rod
here SG-150/3A is a multi-purpose machine that is specially designed for moulding of round rods and slats. It can be used to manufacture louver type profiles, round rods and wooden mouldings, suitable for small and medium size enterprise.
One machine with multiple purposes. The flexible knife tool combinations ensure one time completion of slicing up, rounding off or rolling.
It is equipped with trying knife. First the lower base level of the plate blank is processed, it is conductive to slicing up and moulding, and it ensures excellent quality.
The distance between the upper and lower moulding cutters is only 110 mm. It is easy to adjust, and the moulding precision is enhanced.
Pneumatic pressure feed wheel can be adjusted separately for feeding pieces with various thickness
Variable feed speed from 6-24 m/min


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Bottom spindle
7.5 HP
Top spindle
10 HP
Bottom saw spindle
25 HP
3 HP
Working thickness
6 ~ 60 mm
Working width
20 ~ 150 mm
Diameter of saw blade
180 mm
Max. O/D of cutter head
125 mm
Speed of cutter head
6000 rpm
Speed of saw blade
4800 rpm
Diameter of spindle
40 mm
Machine size (LxWxH)
106" x 59" x 63"
Net weight
4180 lbs

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